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Cancer Coaching

Life after a cancer diagnosis is completely different. 

I know this because I have been there.

I was living my best life. I had just had my third baby and my life was going great. 

I never imagined I would be diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis hit me like a tonne of bricks and left me really struggling to make sense of it all. 

When I finished treatment, I presumed that would be the end of it and I could put it all behind me. I thought I would feel “normal” again. I certainly didn’t feel that way. I needed so much more help, support and guidance to create sustainable lifestyle choices. 

Recovering from cancer does not end when you finish active treatment and often navigating menopause symptoms for women can be very challenging. 

Recovery is lifelong

Following my recovery, my therapist helped me with my emotional challenges. However, something was missing. I was confused about how to move forward. I had many thoughts, ideas and lists about what I wanted to do differently.  What I really needed was someone who was compassionate yet professional and experienced in helping others to get back on track following a life changing event.

Cancer coaching is a specifically tailored coaching approach designed for cancer survivors. Cancer coaching is about focusing on the future and how to enjoy life after a cancer.

Living with a cancer diagnosis changes so much and not just physically, but mentally too.

I address the emotional, physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, and occupational parts that make you. Together with you, I assist you to identify the challenges and actions needed to live a more fulfilled life after cancer.

After cancer we need to focus more on ourselves and whatever that focus may be and achieving goals and milestones set, gives you that sense of control and positive achievement needed after going through cancer.

My experience and qualifications enable me to help you breakdown the goals you may have but are too overwhelmed to attempt alone. I can help break these down into small actions that are sustainable and provide a new way to manage your health and wellbeing. 

You are not alone 


Why work with a Cancer Coach?

I will look at you holistically and not separate your diagnosis. That means I will help you explore the emotional, physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and occupational parts that make you.

I provide expert support with


  • Possible return to work anxieties

  • Scan anxieties

  • Confidence issues

  • Fear of recurrence

  • Career changes

  • How to manage life after diagnosis

  • Stress management

  • Life-style practices

I will provide the best tools and techniques to help you explore your inner strength that will give you more control in your life.

I will offer a safe space, without judgement, only openness and willingness to support you.

I will help you break down a lot of the misinformation that causes information paralysis.

I will guide you to identify methods to manage your fears, emotions and anxieties.

There is hope and strength within you.

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